Estate Planning

Everyone should have a will and powers of attorney. Effective estate planning ensures that you can specify who you want to act on your behalf, that your assets will be passed on to your loved ones or others as you wish, and that your planning can avoid unnecessary tax or financial consequences. As an experienced estate planning attorney, Rick Drews will meet with you and listen to your needs and wishes to prepare a customized estate plan for your particular situation.

Estate Administration and Probate

Rick also provides legal representation in the administration of estates, whether in probate court or not, and has represented those acting as personal representative, executor, guardian, conservator and/or trustee to protect the interests of those acting on behalf of an estate or another person. He has worked closely with accountants, insurance professionals and retirement account administrators in the preparation of estate plans and the administration of estates to meet the needs of each situation.

Litigation and Trial Practice

Rick Drews has over 30 years' experience in litigation and trials throughout the state courts of Nebraska. He has successfully represented individuals and companies in claims involving many areas of the law, including the following:

  • Personal Injury
  • Auto Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Contracts
  • Probate claims
  • Collection actions

In 2013, Rick successfully represented the plaintiffs in recovering their unpaid wages in the landmark case of Fisher v. PayFlex Systems USA, 285 Neb. 808, 829 N.W.2d 703 (Neb. 2013). In this case, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that all Nebraska employees are entitled to receive their earned but unused PTO (paid time off) at the end of their employment.

In addition to his years of courtroom experience, Rick has been certified as a mediator in the State of Nebraska. His training and experience in these many areas and different types of cases has allowed him to develop practical and effective strategies for obtaining the successful resolution of claims, whether by judgment or settlement.